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hobby writing

Hobby Writing

Try to write your own story

hobby writing

Professional Writing

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Process of Becoming a writer

How Dreame help writers?


Writer Development Program

  • Easy Publishing

    With just 200 words, you can get your story published and discovered on Dreame

  • Exclusive Agent

    When your story reaches 5,000 words, you can apply to sign a contract with us.

    An exclusive agent will be assigned to your signed story.

  • Platform Support

    Update your story to 20,000 words to get it story into the rank list and grow your audience


Real Earnings

Writer Benefits & writer Advancement Benefit

  • $50

    New Story Signing Bonus

    Earn when your signed story reaches 30,000 words

  • $100

    Daily Update Bonus

    Earn when you update for at least 28 days and add 50,000 words in a month

  • $150 ~ $500

    Completion Bonus

    Earn when your story is finished and reaches certain word count

  • +170%

    And More

    Boost your earnings by up to 70% with Long-Form Bonus, Writer Advancement Benefit, and more