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Jia Legacy / Fantasy

#aloof#brave#no-couple#kicking#male lead#magical world#another world#rebirth/reborn#weak to strong#Supreme Me Fiction Writing Contest

”My path is one of loneliness, riddled with blood and pain whether you see it as physical or mental, pain is there nonetheless and it hurts. If it is a fiend you want, then a Fiend God you shall get”.

With hundreds of enemies at every turn, Bia Xiao will need to be strong, yet ruthless; to be kind to one’s enemies is being ruthless to one’s self. Subordinates turned to friends, birthed by love but in a world of fear and hate, death can arise at any time.

“Smiling once in a while doesn’t injure me but when it comes to the devils of hell, steadfast and firm my fists shall conquer the flames of death and the rivers of life. Building an army of warriors, trampling the sky, and roaming the earth, that's my eternal will”
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